Workshop Schedule for 2017-2018

Workshop hours are 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM


Sofia Lopez-Ibor 9/16/2017

Exploring Games, Language, Music and Dance- Didactic Models based on the Orff Schulwerk ideas

How can we teach a dance, song or game so that the children are immediately engaged and motivated to learn more? How can we develop material so that their learning expands far beyond simply learning a piece? How can we make sure that the students understand the historical and cultural context of the material? This workshop will explore these questions through our own direct experience and shared reflection.

Sofia Lopez-Ibor Aliño teaches music at The San Francisco School, The San Francisco International Level Course and The Orff Institute in Salzburg. She studied recorder, flute and music pedagogy in the Royal Conservatory of El Escorial and at the Trinity College of Music in London. She also studied Music and Movement Education at The Orff Institute from the Mozarteum in Salzburg.   She serves as a board member of The International Orff Schulwerk Forum and she is the past president of the Spanish Orff Association. She has taught workshops in 5 continents and she is the author of several books about Orff Schulwerk. She received the Medallion of the Orff Schulwerk Forum for her international work and received the title of Queen of Development in Dodzde (Ghana).

Patty Bourne 10/14/2017

Process, Purpose, and Pedagogy: Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Classroom with World Music Drumming

Every effective music educator knows -- Music classrooms are the ideal place to teach social and emotional skills.  Within the curriculum of World Music Drumming exists processes and steps to generate access, involvement, collaborative events, and opportunities for students to practice and learn social, emotional, cultural cues and skills that are desperately linked to academic performance and a successful life.  Participants in this workshop will be involved in singing, drumming, moving, and creating within a framework of social and emotional skill development, and via lessons and units aligned with the World Music Drumming curriculum.

Patricia Bourne is a veteran music educator who has taught preschool through graduate level students over the span of 30+ years in four different states. Patty has guest conducted regional and all-state choruses in multiple states, as well as adjudicated secondary vocal solo and ensembles throughout the Northwest region. Patty is the author of two texts: Inside the Classroom: Teaching the Art with Heart, and Inside the Elementary Chorus: Instructional Techniques for the Non-Select Children’s Choir, both published by Lorenz of Dayton, OH. Patty is active as a member of the teaching and administrative staff for World Music Drumming (Will Schmid, founder), spending many weeks in the summer teaching the WMD Curriculum in a variety of settings throughout the country.

Chapter Share 1/20/2018

Vera Flaig 2/17/2018

Understanding Javanese and Guinean music through Orff Schulwerk

The focus of this workshop is upon the development of a clearer and more ethnomusicological informed approach to teaching world music in our classrooms.  Half of the workshop will focus upon Javanese gamelan music while the other will focus upon the village and ballet styles of Guinean drumming.  We will be learning the underlying musical features and structures that make each of these musical systems work within their cultural applications.

Vera Flaig is a veteran music educator, ethnomusicologist, and Orff specialist. She is always trying to set the record straight when it comes to understanding the difference between authentic musical expressions from different places around the world and the Americanized versions that are traditionally taught. She is hoping to give the participants some authentic pieces (and the story behind each one) to take with them into the classroom. 




Brian Burnett 3/17/2018

Process? What Process?

The Schulwerk presents a developmental sequence through child-centered exploration. Practice some of the strategies and structures for improvisation and analyze a few of the teaching processes. Bring your Music For Children, Volume 1.

Brian Burnett taught elemental music and movement K-6 near Toledo, Ohio for 35 years. He is an active instructor for AOSA Teacher Education courses, and serves as the National Conference Director for AOSA. He was a contributor to "Share the Music" and "Spoltlight on Music" textbook series and has published articles for the Orff Echo, the OMEA Triad and MMB Music's Teaching With Orff website.

Kris Olson 4/21/2018

Movin’ on Up

Starting with toddlers in the parent/child music class setting, we’ll move on up through lessons geared towards preschool, elementary, and middle school aged children.  Participants will learn adapted folk dances for their littlest students and tried and true processes that insure success for older children creating their own movement.  A Border Morris stick dance will be taught which has been successfully taught to hundreds of upper elementary students.  It’s a big hit with boys as well as a great addition to performances and celebrations.  Most importantly, we’ll discover ways to use movement to strengthen musical skills, increase musicality and create avenues for creativity and growth.  

Kris has taught music and movement for 28 years in private, public, rural and urban settings.  She teaches workshops across the country and has offered classes in movement at various universities.  Kris has her master’s degree in Orff Schulwerk from the University of St. Thomas.  She studied dance at Zenon Dance Company while living in Minneapolis and now lives in Lubbock, TX where she is a member of Flatlands Dance Theatre and Caprock Morris.  Kris currently teaches dance as an adjunct at Texas Tech University, and teaches early childhood music and movement. 

All workshops will be held at Concordia University in River Forest.  There is a free parking garage for your convenience on campus.  Taking public transportation from the city?  Take the green line to the Harlem/Lake green line station.  From there, take the bus or walk 1 mile north to Concordia.

7400 Augusta Street, River Forest, IL 60305